7 reasons for our Pig-Counter

  • You can sell more pigs.

    Counting the animals with a 100% of accuracy allows you to set a correct invoicing and will usually imply an increment in the profit value of 1-2 for every 200 pigs sold.

  • Your counts are verified.

    After each count, the video footage is always available so you can validate your numbers, even in front of your customers.

  • You save time.

    You will be able to get out of the office and recover the joy of your work. With the corvitac Pig-Counter, you are able to spend the time needed with the animals and doing valuable work at the stables.

  • No more miscounting.

    Counting and re-counting to avoid mistakes? With the corvitac Pig-Counter, not anymore. You can count your animals and document mistake-free results with no effort.

  • It’s easy.

    The use of our Pig-Counter is simple and intuitive. The pig counting is completed in only a few steps, practically with one click.

  • You know everything about your pigs.

    The video footage allows you to watch every animal and major injuries or illnesses can be detected and proven.

  • Your animals are a priority.

    Your animals should be the main focus of your work. With the corvitac Pig-Counter, the counting processes are not only stress-free for the animals but also allow you to focus on other essential tasks.