Counting 400 pigs is tough but dealing with 4.000 is a cry for help

Have you ever wondered how easy it would be if you could somehow find out how many piglets or fattening pigs you have and transport without driving yourself crazy grouping them together and wasting hours of work? To be able to have all your inventory documentation done automatically?

Well, look no further because our Pig-Counter S offers you a solution for this and more.

The corvitac Pig-Counter is an innovative camera system that automatically registers the number of animals during counting processes required in activities such as buying and selling or relocation of pigs. An automatic pig counting that avoids errors by up to a 99.9% and counts the correct number of animals is now a reality. Our camera system automatically generates the counts on video, which can also be used to automate the documentation and ensure a comprehensive tracking of your inventory. The system is also capable of including an option for automatic reporting to the corresponding national authorities