Our system is usually used in sale or relocation processes. For this purpose, a camera is permanently installed on each loading ramp, preferably in the covered area. Installation in the inner area of the outlet is recommended as this reduces the influence of external lighting, which can have a negative influence on the use of the camera systems. It is possible to connect more than one camera through a single central processor.

The different processes and the display of the live images, as well as the results, are carried out through a tablet, which is placed near the camera. The automatic documentation can be used to invoice suppliers and can be presented as video-proof. This also ensures inventory tracking and control. In case of using the system in slaughterhouses, it is also possible to perform counts before the pigs are stunned, as an additional option.

By always installing the system in a customized way according to the needs of the different facilities of your company, we achieve a correct, automatic and reliable inventory management and registration of entries and exits. The previously notified planned figures can thus be compared with the actual number of animals.