The Pig-Counter M offers the best solution.

What makes this version special is its processing unit, which is transportable. The system is capable of processing all images through the connected camera and includes start and stop buttons. A stand is provided, which is installed in the corridor, where system can be mounted and dismounted for each count, if necessary.

If you have however very large groups of animals and prioritize power rather than portability, the Pig-Counter S is for you.

How and in which context can it be used?

Our system is usually used in sale or relocation processes. For this purpose, a camera is permanently installed on each loading ramp, preferably in the covered area. Installation in the inner area of the outlet is recommended as this reduces the influence of external lighting, which can have a negative influence on the use of the camera systems. It is possible to connect more than one camera through a single central processor.

The Pig-Counter M is therefore composed of the processing box, a stand and a camera that is permanently installed on the ceiling at a central point in the corridor where the counts are to be carried out.

In addition, the system includes our software, also including an application for both desktop and mobile devices. This includes, in essence, the recognition and counting processes, based on artificial intelligence (AI). Animals that are delayed are counted accordingly and the system also recognizes if they walk back to the opposite direction. People can walk with the image and are not recognized or counted by the system, thanks to our automatic recognition based on AI. However, it is important not to cover up the animals during the process.

Both the desktop program and the mobile application can be used to display live images, animal output and also check the results or send them out for internal or external reporting.  

The videos are processed and the result can be viewed in the application or on a PC. As the box is portable, it can be used in several places and the videos can be evaluated in the office, for example. The Pig-Counter M does not require the internet for its operation, although it is recommended to manage and carry out automated reports in the most efficient way.

Our systems also offer service to correct problems or errors remotely and always achieve 100% reliability in the counts.