• Turn on

    Before the rehousing of the animals, the portable unit in the stable is connected to power supply and switched on.

  • Start

    Once the first group of animals is ready to leave or enter the stable, the system is started. Then, each animal in sight is tracked and counted.

  • Stop

    After the animals of the desired group have run from one side to the other, the system is stopped. Afterwards it is possible to know how big the different groups were.

  • Repeat

    Start and stop steps are repeated until all groups have left or entered the barn.

  • Control

    Once the results are in the system, it is possible to access and check the data in the internal network (either in the stable or the office.)

  • Send

    The results can be sent to preset databases after a confirmation. Invoices or delivery notes based on these results can be created automatically.

  • Verify

    You have full control over your inventory and you are able to save and use the footage for future validation.