• Why is it worth it for me to start counting automatically?
    Everyday rehousing processes take place in each farm in the world, resulting often in counting errors and animals not being correctly reported.
    Since our human capabilities are limited, counting animals manually is not at all the best approach. Our systems allow this process to be digitalized, achieving more accuracy in the counts, less cost and simplified work: the workload of employees is reduced, giving them the chance to focus on key responsibilities.
  • How does automated count actually work?

    Our Pig-Counter is based on artificial intelligence and works together with overhead cameras to recognize pigs of all sizes and count them once they cross the area of the camera. Counting and rehousing processes are simplified and stress-free thanks to digitalization.

  • Will I save money if I start counting my pigs automatically?

    Yes. Especially when selling and buying animals it occurs very often that one finds gaps in the reporting documents. Very often the numbers of animals received are not correct, which results sometimes in important losses for companies and farms.

  • Can I count lambs or other animals apart from pigs?

    Not yet. For the time being, our counter is able to only recognise swine (of any size, shape and colour). However, we will keep working on improving and continue to develop our systems to perhaps in a near future be able to count different types of livestock.

  • Am I able to see the counts in real time?

    Yes. Our software allows for a real time monitoring, either with or without video preview. The results are of course also available for review once the counting process is done, anytime and in any device. An automatic report of the results is also possible.