Do you have any doubts or questions of any kind? Our team is always available to answer them. Here you can find information about each of the people you can contact personally, depending on the subject matter.

Who to contact?

Manuel is our CEO and responsible for everything in the company flowing smoothly. Especially when it comes to financing and management issues or if you are looking to collaborate with us in any way (for example, in the sale or distribution of our product), he is the best person to contact.


Tel.: +49 173 4237545


Manuel Sprehe

Lidia is the person with the most international focus in our company. She is in charge of all marketing tasks and the sales processes outside of Germany and can best answer your questions in English and Spanish. If you are interested in testing our systems in another country Lidia is the right person to contact.



Lidia Pereyra
Sales and Marketing

Timo is our CTO and expert in hardware and artificial intelligence and is behind many of the features of the Pig-Counter. If you have any questions about technical details or need more specific support, or if you are looking to collaborate with us regarding possible improvements of our hardware, Timo is the person to contact.


Timo Kaiser

General information

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