Our Mission

Corvitac's mission is to meet the needs of the livestock industry, helping farmers and employees to fully automate existing bureaucratic requirements. Our way of achieving this goal is through the use of camera systems that include our innovative image processing software.

This system allows the automatic counting of animals, thus facilitating the work of farmers and strengthening their efficiency and competitiveness. They therefore have more time for animal care and it is also feasible to minimise stress to the animals in all livestock processes, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on the development of a much more environmentally friendly animal husbandry. A positive development and improvement of transparency in the context of animal husbandry transfers to society a return of confidence in the livestock industry, also allowing all those involved to benefit from technological advances in modern livestock and agriculture.

Our Vision

The main vision for our company is based on the total automation of documentation in pig breeding and farming. We aim to develop products that benefit farmers, animals, the environment and society.