Gianluca is our hardware expert, in charge of managing our logistics and making sure that our systems always include the best components, while he finishes his studies in mechanical engineering. Besides planning, designing and assembling the hardware of our systems, he also joins the visits to customers in cases where the installation is more complex.

Gianluca Santangelo
Hardware and logistics

Lidia came to Germany from Spain in 2017 to finish her Master's degree in Economics and International Business. Specialised in international strategic management, Lidia is in charge of planning and implementing marketing and internationalisation strategies in the company. Always focused on attracting clients and keeping them happy, she is the only non-engineer in the team and provides the most creative aspects.

Lidia Pereyra
Marketing and International Sales
Hardik Dava
Software Development

Coming from Poland, Szymon is the latest integration into the team as a developer. His tasks are focused on improving our algorithms in the field of artificial intelligence, working side by side with Yiyun and Timo. He is currently in charge of the improvement and complete development of our platform, which will be implemented in all our counting systems.

Szymon Slominski
Software development

Christina is responsible for the administrative and office management. She is the right hand of our CEO and supports him so that he can take care of the important strategic tasks. She structures the daily paperwork and keeps an eye on the personnel and finances. She likes to be around people and therefore also organises our team events and makes sure that everyone is happy. She is currently on parental leave.

Christina Sprehe
Executive Assistant

Fabian leads our development team and brings more than 10 years of experience as a Data Scientist in the biometrics industry. His task is the conception, coordination and improvement of our hardware, software and machine learning products & processes. He is also responsible for the continuous development of the team.

Fabian Mieting
Head of Development Team

Kécia came to Germany from Brazil to do her Master's in Materials Science and Simulation. After changing majors along the way, she decided to become a front-end developer. She is responsible for the improvement and development of our software and works together with our developers to improve it for our customers.

K├ęcia Santos
Frontend Developer