Our main founder and who is behind the idea and creation of corvitac and its Pig-Counter.  Manuel is our CEO and, after finishing his Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering, he started to dedicate all his time to the development of the counter and to try to dominate a market niche in the livestock industry which nobody has taken up so far.

Manuel Sprehe

Timo is the one who created the pig recognition algorithm on which the counter is based being also, therefore, an indispensable part in the creation of the company and our product. As artificial intelligence expert, Timo is currently working on his doctorate, keeping us up to date with technological advances and improving the development and innovation of our products. 


Timo Kaiser
CTO and co-founder

Yiyun came to Germany in 2014 from China to graduate in Electronic and Computer Engineering. She is our software expert and also co-founder of the company. Together with Manuel and Timo, she made the creation of the counter possible and is currently behind all the counts, supervising results and making sure our software always works perfectly.

Yiyun Luo
Software development and co-founder