Our Founders

When and how did the idea originate?

Manuel, our CEO, grew up helping his father on his piglet farm where he often had to carry out one of the most exhausting tasks: counting animals. He grew up seeing his father working in the office every day taking care of bureaucratic issues instead of investing his time in the animals and their care. When he finished his studies, together with Timo and Yiyun, they decided to create a technological solution to help all farmers to automate their counts. And that's how corvitac and its Pig-Counter were born. 

Our main founder and who is behind the idea and creation of corvitac and its Pig-Counter.  Manuel is our CEO and, after finishing his Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering, he started to dedicate all his time to the development of the counter and to try to dominate a market niche in the livestock industry which nobody has taken up so far.

Manuel Sprehe

Timo is the one who created the pig recognition algorithm on which the counter is based being also, therefore, an indispensable part in the creation of the company and our product. As artificial intelligence expert, Timo is currently working on his doctorate, keeping us up to date with technological advances and improving the development and innovation of our products. 


Timo Kaiser

Yiyun came to Germany in 2014 from China to graduate in Electronic and Computer Engineering. She is our software expert and also co-founder of the company. Together with Manuel and Timo, she made the creation of the counter possible and is currently behind all the counts, supervising results and making sure our software always works perfectly.

Yiyun Luo
Software development and co-founder

More team members

Our team is not only young and dynamic, but also contains members from very different professional, personal and cultural backgrounds, which ultimately enriches the interrelations within the company and helps us to grow personally and professionally, allowing us to continue to give our 100% to both our technology and our customers.

Gianluca is our hardware expert, in charge of managing our logistics and making sure that our systems always include the best components, while he finishes his studies in mechanical engineering. Besides planning, designing and assembling the hardware of our systems, he also joins the visits to customers in cases where the installation is more complex.

Gianluca Santangelo
Hardware and logistics

Lidia came to Germany from Spain in 2017 to finish her Master's Degree in Economics and International Business. Specializing in international strategic management and marketing, Lidia is responsible for planning and implementing different marketing strategies within the company. Always focused on attracting customers and keeping them happy, she is the only non-engineer and brings the most creative aspects into the team.

Lidia Pereyra
Marketing and Internat

Hannes is our industrial engineer and sales expert and joined us for an internship for his Master's Degree in Agricultural Economics. Hannes brings with him his practical experience in the agricultural and livestock context, as he himself belongs to a family of farmers. He is in charge of adapting our products in terms of hardware operation and practical uses, and is also the main contact point with our national agricultural customers.

Hannes Pribbernow

Coming from Poland, Szymon is the latest integration into the team as a developer. His tasks are focused on improving our algorithms in the field of artificial intelligence, working side by side with Yiyun and Timo. He is currently in charge of the improvement and complete development of our platform, which will be implemented in all our counting systems.

Szymon Slominski
Software development

Our Mission

Corvitac's mission is to meet the needs of the livestock industry, helping farmers and employees to fully automate existing bureaucratic requirements. Our way of achieving this goal is through the use of camera systems that include our innovative image processing software.

This system allows the automatic counting of animals, thus facilitating the work of farmers and strengthening their efficiency and competitiveness. They therefore have more time for animal care and it is also feasible to minimise stress to the animals in all livestock processes, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on the development of a much more environmentally friendly animal husbandry. A positive development and improvement of transparency in the context of animal husbandry transfers to society a return of confidence in the livestock industry, also allowing all those involved to benefit from technological advances in modern livestock and agriculture.

Our Vision

The main vision for our company is based on the total automation of documentation in pig breeding and farming. We aim to develop products that benefit farmers, animals, the environment and society.